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90% of Businesses Engage in Sustainable Activity Regularly

Staples found that more than 90% of businesses practice some form of eco-friendly activity regularly, including recycling, making energy-efficient choices, and/or shopping for more eco-friendly products.

“Making daily green choices is not a trend, it is a regular ritual and a priority for our customers,” said Mark Buckley, vice president, environmental affairs, Staples, Inc. “Our survey found that both businesses and individuals engage in some form of regular eco-friendly activity both in the workplace and at home, and are actively seeking environmentally conscious choices. Staples is excited to be a trusted partner through our large sustainable product assortment and extensive recycling services.”

The Staples sustainability study revealed: 89% of businesses and consumers believe that eco-friendly products are the same or higher quality than non-eco products While 74% of consumers recycle containers made of glass, metal or plastic, only 51% recycle electronics at the end of their life 59% of businesses implement one or more energy efficient practices.

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