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Epson factory tour impresses European delegation

Seiko Epson reports that a recent European delegation to its manufacturing plants in China and Indonesia was impressed by the excellent working conditions provided for the company’s employees, which far exceed legal requirements and highlighted the company’s commitment to best practices in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

 The delegation, comprised of customers and representatives from the public sector, retailers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and religious institutions, visited Epson manufacturing plants in Indonesia and China (which combined employ some 20,000 people).

“Good intentions are not enough when it comes to CSR, nor should companies only address CSR in order to comply with socially responsible procurement criteria,” said Henning Ohlsson, CSR Director for Epson Europe. “First and foremost, as spelled out in our nine ‘Principles of Corporate Behaviour’,  Epson is committed to delivering the very best working conditions for all of its 73,000 employees, wherever they are, and we are happy to showcase this with complete transparency through such factory tours.”

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