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BTS prices drop in 2017

A study by market research company GfK shows that back-to-school prices are down 4% in France. French consumers made 39 million purchases of school supplies in July totaling 101 million Euros.

GfK added that Hypermarket and Supermarket sales started slowly, partly due to Garden Supplies encroaching on July sales and the trend of consumers buying supplies towards the end of summer.

"After a difficult July 2016, we recorded a + 0.5% turnover in stationery and stable purchases in July 2017," said Edouard Lefeuvre, senior consultant at GfK.

For Antoine Gachet, Head of Stationery Customer Relations at GfK, "it will be necessary to wait until the weeks following the payment of social benefits (ARS) to get a precise idea of this back to school season since 50% of the turnover is realised after that period".

For comparison, the 4 weeks of sales in July 2017 account for less than 25% of the overall turnover of the classes and about 10% of the activity prospectus.

The analysis of sales in July, taken from all 5800 hypermarkets and supermarkets in France, reveals a drop in prices in July. The GfK Institute notes a price erosion of nearly 4% in the Stationery department from 19,000 constant references. This marked drop is seen with both writing and correction instruments, paper, grading, accessories and adhesives.

Christophe Le Boulicaut, President of the Association of Stationery Industries and the Bureau, commented: "Even if we see pressure on the prices of traditional products, brands are again proposing innovations that enhance the market. I am therefore confident that the sector will regain growth in hypermarkets and supermarkets."

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