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Big Buyer 2017: Staedtler promotes Calligraphy, Lettering and Coloiring Markers

Staedtler is promoting a range of colouring and drawing products at this year’s edition of Big Buyer.

The  markers come in various different packs for calligraphy, lettering or colouring and are equipped with a double ended tip, small and large.

Mr Klee Kamran, managing director of Staedtler Italie said that there is a growing trend for these products and some people today when travelling prefer to sketch and colour a picture rather than take photos.

Also displayed on the stand is the “Staedtler Noris Digital” which is designed for Samsung and combines the feel of a traditional pencil with the technology of an S pen stylus,  allowing users to write and draw straight onto the screen of a tablet or phone.

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