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ADVEO Germany enters into negotiations to close Winkelhaid warehouse

Following several actions for efficiency improvements set out in its Strategic Plan 2017-2020, ADVEO has commenced discussions with the works council representatives to close its warehouse in Winkelhaid, Germany.

ADVEO says that this process is justified by economical, productivity and organizational reasons and is scheduled during the first part of 2018. As it is expected to entail the loss of 60 jobs, a mandatory period of consultations will begin.

ADVEO added that new challenges in the market require a different platform to meet the needs of its business  (direct, indirect, B2C, B2B, B2B2C…). Therefore, the logistics activity will be focused in Höver, becoming the new logistic pole in Germany to guarantee a high level of service and promptness in delivery, while maximizing synergies in Europe.