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Artline celebrate launch of 'Heroes' project at Creativeworld

Artline are celebrating a successful mission at Creativeworld, which saw the stationery superheroes launch their new marketing plan to retailers and buyers from all around Europe.

Promoting Artline’s versatile products, the brand donned their capes in Frankfurt and announced the ‘Artline Heroes’ concept.

The cross-platform plan appeals directly to consumers whilst boosting Artline’s offering to retailers, with a selection of bold display units, easy to understand product categories and new-look packaging.

The ‘magnificent seven’ products including the ever-popular Artline 70, which recently celebrated its golden anniversary, will be a part of the ongoing ‘Heroes’ project.

Each of the products has been given a unique character – highlighting the benefits of each pen and how its ‘super’ properties can help consumers in their everyday life.

Throughout the event, Artline were joined by renowned UK artist Judith Selcuk who demonstrated the creativity and flexibility woven into every marker - whether used on paper or fabric.

Derek Evans, UK Sales and Marketing Manager at Shachihata Europe said “The ‘Heroes’ project has been in development for six months. It’s been refined to ensure it grabs the attention of consumers and we hope that retailers will join us by exciting consumers in-store and online.”

Jasmine Jones, European Export Sales Manager for Shachihata Europe, celebrated the overall success of Creativeworld and the reaction to the Artline Heroes project:

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction to our plans to unleash the ‘Artline Heroes’ to the UK and Europe." 


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