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Office Friendly and VOW to launch new e-learning resources hub

Office Friendly will be launching “the world’s most engaging learning management system”. The unique online platform named ‘Pioneer’ will offer dealers and suppliers an award winning social learning platform that the dealer group says has not been seen before in the office supplies sector.

The hub will offer a variety of business resources, sales and marketing tools, a community forum, and e-learning opportunities for Office Friendly members.

‘Pioneer’ sees the advancement of Office Friendly’s portfolio of services to include a centre of resources and tools to improve the knowledge and skills of users.

Office Friendly is working in partnership with VOW to launch Pioneer and provide customers with practical communications and online learning opportunities. VOW has part funded the new venture and invested their support on an ongoing basis in launching the platform and to creating a meaningful resource for people across the Office Friendly membership.

The new venture will bring together opportunities for business owners and their teams to learn and develop their industry expertise, advance their network of connections with other users and experts, and provide a better service to all their stakeholders.

Adrian Butler, VOW Managing Director says: “We’re delighted to have forged this latest partnership with Office Friendly, which we see as another important step on this vital journey and further evidence that resellers should expect even more from us in 2018.

“It’s a key part of our role as a world-class wholesaler to improve resellers’ experience of us and create opportunities for them to sell more and be innovative.”

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