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AF International Launches UtilityAF Range

Advanced technology cleaning solutions manufacturer AF International has announced the launch of their new UtilityAF  range, a selection of essential ‘back to basics’ as an alternative to their premium cleaning range. Pared back packaging and simple materials for essential tech cleaning requirements make up the new range. UtilityAF includes flammable spraydusters, a selection of screen, telephone and surface cleaning solutions offering value for money workstation cleaning.

Paul Hardy, European Brand Director commented “The decision to launch UtilityAF has been driven by a requirement to offer consumers a wider selection of products; an economy range featuring flammable spraydusters was the obvious choice. Step into most supermarkets and you will see ranges of ‘basic’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ positioned on a combination of factors such as packaging material, appearance and price. As a responsible manufacturer, we would always however, urge customers to follow directions for use and remember that extra precautions are required when using flammable spraydusters.”     

Ron Jakeman, Managing Director added “Regulations are frequently changing and the recent F-Gas legislation is a prime example of this. Meeting customer needs in the ever-changing regularity field is a real challenge and we determined very quickly that an economy range would be an essential facet of this. We have created a new economy selection to sit alongside the standard AF cleaning range and offer a specific selection of products. The new UtilityAF range includes two great value flammable spraydusters plus some simple cleaning essentials.”

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