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Paperworld announces hall changes for 2019

Paperworld 2019 will sharpen its focus on the visionary office and stationery trends with a new hall concept. The aim of the new hall concept is to offer visitors a more compact overview of the extensive range of products on show and thus to provide a focused overview of the market.

Hall 3.1 to become a comprehensive stationery platform in 2019
In the stationery segment, the giving, wrapping and celebrating product groups (with papeterie, greetings cards, small leather goods, accessories, napkins, table decoration, party articles, licences and designs) move from Halls 5.1 and 6.1 to Hall 3.1. This means that trade visitors will find lifestyle products for the stationery trade all together in the same exhibition hall. The new product arrangement will lead to several advantages for both exhibitors and visitors. For example, exhibitors can position themselves in their market setting with their competitors and have even easier access to additional groups of buyers. At the same time, trade visitors can see supplementary product lines for their fields of business and make contact to the appropriate manufacturers.

Improved links to Remanexpo in Hall 5.1
The Remanexpo product group with OEM and printer consumables and components, as well as hardware, software and remanufactured printer materials, moves from Hall 6.0 to Hall 5.1 in 2019 and will be on the Via Mobile level. Thus, it will be linked directly to the main flow of visitors at the fair and be easy for visitors to get to.

Clear structuring of the visionary office and stationery trends
Unchanged are the product arrangements in the other office and stationery halls.

Hall 3.0 remains focused on the office with the office supplies segment and the office furnishings and equipment, presentation aids, organisational aids, calendars, note books, office paper, coating materials, business luggage and promotional articles product groups.

Hall 4.0 will be occupied by writing and drawing utensils in the office segment and school articles in the stationery segment. This arrangement is successful because the writing and drawing articles shown are primarily designed for young people and perfectly round off school articles with school bags, pencil cases, exercise books, blocks, folders and licences. 

The international sourcing (office and stationery) for bulk buyers remains in Halls 1.1, 1.2 and Forum 0. This segment grew in 2018 so it will once again occupy Forum 0 in 2019.

“Paperworld is highly successful with its clear hall concept and transparent product arrangement. Now, we aim to build on this and create more room for new exhibitors. At the same time, the restructuring opens up new perspectives that are decisive for fresh ideas and result in valuable business contacts”, says Paperworld Director Michael Reichhold.



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