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ADVEO implements a new integrated workplace management center

Aiming at improving both intern users and customers experience, ADVEO has implemented various initiatives to strengthen digitalization of processes and relations with vendors and customers. One of the key measures is the implementation of an integrated workplace management center with help from Grupo Econocom.

This cooperation agreement will stand for 5 years and the solution designed by Grupo Econocom covers logistics and distribution operations, installing and setting equipment, services linked to the maintenance of infrastructure, financing, in situ support and a 5-languages helpdesk for the users of the ADVEO equipment and basic applications. All this will be implemented under a pay-per-use model, covering more than 800 positions in 6 countries.

 “The flexibility that offers Econocom as an international operator has been determining to implement this project in France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal. This has allowed us centralize the project in an only contact point and make our processes more dynamic, that is, giving a more efficient answer and more quality in delivering our services”, states Daniel Lago, Head of Corporate Technology at ADVEO.

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