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Balma, Capoduri Opens new Showroom.

Italian stationery manufacturer Balma, Capoduri & C. Spa has opened a new showroom on the second floor of its recent and modern office building in Voghera, Italy.

A large central hall is devoted to show the current range of «ZENITH» and «Coccoina» products. Before entering this area, the attention of the visitor is captured by a showcase more than 7 metres long, where the main historical products since 1924 to the beginning of the nineties are shown.It starts with the «ZENITH» tray for copying letters, afterwards Kalamaro ink, «Coccoina» tins and aluminium tubes since 1927, a sequence of «ZENITH» staplers with pommel, desk-staplers and plier staplers, a device to seal the envelopes and “vintage” boxes of «ZENITH» staples!

A treat of the showroom is Narcisina glue, produced during the Second World War. Since it was difficult to find the dextrin of potato flour necessary to produce «Coccoina» glue, the alternative was the flour from Narcissus bulbs.The historical tour continues with paper cutters, the Medusa finger-sponge, «ZENITH» staples-remover from 1958 until the products of the early nineties.The wall shows pictures of the company and the offices in the past, all strictly sepia colour. To complete this tribute to memories, in an adjacent room there are the ancient desks, which were manufactured inside the company, along with other interesting products full of rich history.

The showroom consists of 15 showcases: 10 dedicated to the current «ZENITH» world and 5 to «Coccoina», lit by 2 spotlights enhancing shapes design and the colour nuances of all the products.On the walls, two big flat screen TVs complete the scenery, projecting images from the production plants and advertising videos.

Reproductions of the most meaningful «ZENITH» and «Coccoina» communications accompany the visitor during his route along the showcases.

At the entrance of the hall there is the portrait of Ing. Giorgio Balma, who died last year and remains the unforgettable soul of the company during many years.

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