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ISOT 2018: 27th Stationery of the Year takes place at ISOT

Japans largest stationery award “Stationery of The Year” will take place at the international Stationery Show in Tokyo, where 10 award winning products are on display.

The 5 award winning products in the Functionality Category are:

Kitter by Olfa Company, Himekuri by Kplanning Co.,Ltd., Wemo-wearable memo by Cosmotec Co., Ltd, Airkaru by Plus Corp.and Clip by Moldtec Co., Ltd.

The 5 award winning products in the Design Catergory are:

Magflap by King Jim Co., Ltd., Flexnote by K-Design Works, WAO!POP by Konishi Printing Co., Ltd., Laurett’s MLK Japanese Brush Pen by Maruyasu-Seiki Co., Ltd. And VEO by Tarifold SAS.

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