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Spicers responds to changes in B2B Buying trends

Spicers have responded to the speculation on its decision not to publish a catalogue in January.

The wholesaler said: “We acknowledge our decision breaks the tradition of an ever bigger annual publication, that in truth less and less dealers and importantly end users are using these days. Our recent customer survey identified that 34% of our dealers are already not distributing a paper catalogue on an annual basis. “In this digital age, doing the same old thing ‘because we always have’ shows a backwards looking outlook. Growth isn’t on the high street nor from paper based publications that take 6 months to pull together, which are then out of date before the ink is dry. Without a date it would be hard to distinguish the publications of the past from one year to another. Indeed research shows that digital content is becoming increasingly influential for B2B buyers, with 68% of buyers preferring to gather their own information before even coming into contact with a sales person and catalogue.

“Growth is on-line and with flexible and adaptable supply chains. So we make no apologies for not producing a catalogue at the traditional January time. After all we would have had product selection just about completed by now, hardly up to date nor reflective of today’s market. We believe there is a much better way to support our suppliers and reseller alike.”

Spicers added that the decision doesn’t mean that it will no longer ever produce a catalogue.