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BIC reports positive BTS sales

BIC reported that Net Sales in its Stationery category were up 2.3% as reported and 6.8% on a comparative basis.

In Europe, 9M Net Sales were up low single-digit. While markets remained soft, BIC’s Back-to-School results were robust across European countries. In France, BIC gained share for the 15th consecutive year in a row, performance notably driven by the successful launch of BIC® Gelocity Illusion pen, reaching 4.6% in value share of the Gel segment.

BIC said it also gained significant share in the UK driven by continuous success of the BIC® 4-Color™. Southern Europe grew notably thanks to distribution gains and strong Back-to-School performance in Spain.

In North America, 9M Net Sales increased low-single digit. Performance was driven by continued strong growth in e-commerce (+39% sales growth year-on-year), with market share growing 1.1 points in value YTD. The Back-to-School season was robust, up 2.3% in value, with the on-going success of the BIC® Gelocity Quick Dry pen.