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Ambiente to Hold Point of Experience for the Second Year.

For quite a while now customers have been expecting more from shops than the provision and presentation of products. Good customer service requires perfect interaction between analogue and digital. Ambiente will be holding a special presentation called Point of Experience for the second year running. The show will demonstrate how analogue and digital will eventually be combined in the world of shopping.

The special presentation Point of Experience has been planned by Design- und Realisierungsbüro Gruschwitz GmbH together with the consultancy firm Waketo GmbH. It will take place in Hall 4.1, where it will demonstrate a hands-on customer journey of the future. Giving a clear, practical example, the presentation will demonstrate a full-scale shop design that can be touched and tried out. It will show retailers how they can successfully adopt a multi-channel approach, how they can make the most of it and how this can help them keep up with web-based companies. The focus will be on customisation and advice for customers, but from a totally new, digital perspective. The presentation, which is set up to look like a marketplace, will demonstrate how augmented reality, barcode scanning and touch modules can enhance high street shops and inspire shoppers on the emotional level. The new Customiser personalises shopping, putting together whole product worlds for each type of customer. One highlight will be the Thinking Hub, with its workshops and presentations on the various topics.

“Our philosophy is not to digitise unless there is a real need. We only want to use digital tools and digital enhancements if they create added value for the customer – in other words, if they generate some additional benefit. The consumer of the future will still want to handle things and see what they feel like. However, they will also be interested in unlimited variety and in getting the perfect product at the right time. These are precisely the ideas we use, for instance, when we customise a product through interaction between touch and feel, on the one hand, and digital, on the other,” says Nikolai Gruschwitz, CEO of Waketo GmbH, a traditional company based in Munich. To implement these ideas, it is now the second time that the special Ambiente exhibition Point of Experience will be set up by Waketo GmbH, emphasising the interplay between online and offline.

Ambiente will be held from 8 to 12 February 2019.

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