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TRAXX Printer Moves to New Location

Due to its continuous growth worldwide, TRAXX Printer are in the process of moving to a new location.

TRAXX plans to be fully operational by the 15th of November in a new energy efficient and environmentally friendly facility that will streamline manufacturing and expand to meet the worldwide demand for high-quality, economical stamping solutions. TRAXX says it is now present in 92 countries worldwide and he new building provides more production space, a larger warehouse facility and additional offices for staff.

“We are very excited to expand to a new, larger facility.” Luiz Danninger, president of TRAXX Printer, says during his visit to the new factory. “The move will improve our production, support our continuing growth and support innovation of new products.”

The new factory with state of the art equipment with new injection molding machinery, automated inking lines for all products and new state of the art packaging machines.

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