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Lyreco Group Announce an Agreement to Acquire Intersafe and Elacin

Lyreco reached an agreement with Broadview Holding to acquire Intersafe and Elacin, 2 major players in the PPE market in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Completion of the transaction will take place after the approval by the competition authority in the Netherlands.

With a €125 million consolidated turnover and 360 employees, the group formed by Intersafe and Elacin has a leading position on the PPE distribution market in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

Intersafe and Elacin supply generic and specialist PPE products (including custom made hearing protection, protective glasses, respiratory and gas detection, welding solutions…) as well as safety service solutions (risk assessment, training and education, products maintenance, vending solutions…).

Aiming to become a workplace supplies multi-specialist, Lyreco reinforces its expertise on the PPE market, reaching with Intersafe and Elacin combined PPE revenues above €200 million.

“Combining Intersafe and Elacin strong expertise with our excellence in logistics and sales operations will cement our ambition to become a European leader in PPE”, said Hervé Milcent, CEO of Lyreco.