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STABILO, ACCO Brands and Hamelin first companies with SOFEA rating

STABILO, ACCO Brands and Hamelin OXFORD and ELBA Brands are the first supplier companies to evaluate products using the SOFEA rating system.

Customers can now judge the environmental and social impact of office products very easily with help of the SOFEA product logos. It is clear if a product has an ‘excellent level’ A/B, plus level C/D or a ‘standard level’ E product score. The rating system provides customers with information to make the right decision. It also gives the members of SOFEA access to a mass of valuable information and a roadmap for more sustainable materials, production environment and thus to produce more sustainable products in the future.

"We see a change in legislation all over the world. Demands for sustainable products are rising. With many governmental bodies as frontrunners", explains Matthias Schumacher, Director International Sales at Tesa Tape and President of SOFEA.


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