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Wulff gives optimistic outlook for 2019

Scandinavian reseller Wulff Group reported net sales of EUR 55.9 million for 2018, a  decrease of 1.8%. The decline in net sales was a result of a smaller amount of a biennial trade shows, arranged every other year, than the previous year.

“2018 ended with good results. It is great to be able to thank our customers, personnel and business partners of good work and significant choises," commented CEO Heikki Vienola.

"During 2018 we have invested in our new strategy and to strategic projects such as Wulff Lab, Wulff Better Products, Wulff Academy and Wulff Digital. We make this world better one workplace at a time by offering our customers the possibility to have impact with every choise. Projects such as Wulff Lab and Wulff Better Products continuously bring new sustainable, environmentally friendly and local products to our product range. In 2018, we increased our range of services with acquisition of Canon Business Center Vantaa specialised in quality printing, monitoring, maintenance services and modern data management. These services had been highly requested by our clients. We have good possibilities to make year 2019 positive by increasing the sales as well as the result.”

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