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EOSA welcomes 4 new members

The European Office Supplies Alliance (EOSA) has announced that four companies have joined in the last 9 month.

In July 1, 2018 Office 24 from Spain joined EOSA. Office 24 is a young and very innovative company with it’s headquarter near Barcelona. On September 1, 2018 LOMAX of Denmark joined EOSA. LOMAX is one of the leading office supplies dealers in the country and has a very sophisticated customer approach. Lomax has started in 2019 with its expansion into Sweden.

On January 1, 2019 CHAPIER of Luxemburg joined EOSA. Chapier is the only remaining office supplies company full owned by a Luxembourgian ownership. Chapier has a very creative business approach and is replacing the former EOSA member Muller&Wegener (acquired by Bruneau).

On April 1, 2019 PAGRO DIREKT of Austria joined EOSA. Pagro Direkt has a very good position in the Austrian market. Pagro Direkt is a modern aligned member and they expect a positive development with the EOSA membership. Pagro Direkt is replacing TEKAEF as EOSA member in Austria.

EOSA says that more and more medium sized independent companies are analysing membership to resist against  multinationals, adding that its clear strategy, transparency and the focus for most profit for its members means it iswell positioned for the future.

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