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Office Club to join Nemo Group

By joining forces with Office Club, Nemo says it will represent well over 300 dealers and give a true and varied offering within the industry, whatever the dealer size or wholesaler preference.

With no plans to change brands or management, the respective strengths of each group will be retained.

Member companies will therefore initially see little change. Behind the scenes, the management teams, already accustomed to working together through BPGI membership, will work with supplier partners to identify and realise the synergy opportunities from the collaboration.

The combined on and off-line marketing expertise offers vendors a conduit to over £500m in end-user sales and members will be able to develop new relationships with marketing tailored to their needs.

Nemo MD, Tim Beaumont said “This is a great fit. Each group has their strengths and USPs, but together we will have a much stronger offering. Office Club is a compelling brand, the groups will keep their own identities, with the existing management collaborating to create a symbiotic offering.

"Office Club are strong in retail and Nemo are very commercial focused. Our combined purchases with wholesalers and direct spend will significantly increase. There is great depth, experience and knowledge in both management teams. This will complement each group and offer enhanced programmes for Nemo members and Office Club dealers.”

Office Club CEO, Toby Robins said “Nemo and Office Club are both strong organisations with which I have been associated for many years, so I am familiar with the culture and strengths of both.

"With Office Club becoming part of the Nemo family, there are benefits to members, vendors and staff. This is a very exciting development in our industry. I look forward to facilitating from my ongoing role as a Non-Executive Director.”


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