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SOFEA to close

SOFEA regrets to inform that the organization Sustainable Office European Association aisbl, will be closed by end of August 2019.

With the majority of the member votes it has been decided in the General Meeting held on the 25th of June, to close down the organization.

SOFEA was working on a product rating system measuring environmental performance of office supplies. In the past years, the rating system was built, approved and used by third parties. However, there are insufficient resources, which led to the decision to close down the organization.

The organization gives the following reasons for this decision:

1. The association does not function properly in order to meet its objectives;
2. It is no longer possible to manage the association
3. There are insufficient financial resources.

The follow-up of activities and support from manufacturers are strongly related to resellers commitment, which was missing because of various reasons.

‘In the current situation it is impossible to drive the association and its goals forward’, says Managing Director Anita Gunther-Singh.

The Executive Management strongly believes that the assessment methodology deserves a second life. SOFEA is looking for interested parties for a possible methodology transfer.

As from July 1st, , the office in Venlo, The Netherlands and in Brussels, Belgium will be closed down. SOFEA is engaged with legal counselors to ensure the dissolution runs smoothly according legislation and procedures.

All activities will be cancelled and the association will be officially dissolved by 31st of August 2019.

SOFEA would like to thank everybody for the support and creating an invaluable assessment tool. Members of SOFEA are 3M, ALKOR, ACCO BRANDS, ADVEO, ANTALIS, COLOP, FELLOWES, LAMA, MAPED, PENTEL, PILOT, STABILO, TESA, TRODAT, and VICTOR STATIONERY.

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