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The RAJA Group to acquire STAPLES Solutions' activities in France, Italy and Spain

RAJA has entered into an agreeement to purchase Staples Solutions’ business units in France, Italy, and Spain. Staples Solutions’ acceptance of the binding offer is subject to completion of certain employee representatives consultation and regulatory procedures. These businesses  have a combined turnover of €320 million and operate under the brands JPG, Bernard, MondOffice, and Kalamazoo. The transaction is expected to close in October 2019, 

“The intended transaction reinforces our focus on growing our core business-to-business (B2B) contracts business, serving mid-size to large enterprise customers as well as public institutions. Our businesses in France, Italy and Spain are strong catalogue and online businesses. RAJA is a very strong strategic partner for our Southern business, with deep expertise in multichannel strategy towards all types of customer segments and activities, as well as a very complementary product offering. We believe that the intended transaction is in the best interest of Staples Solutions, our customers, our employees, and our partners,” states Dolph Westerbos, chief executive officer at Staples Solutions.

“Focusing on one core business model allows us to build a more robust company. The intended transaction will provide us with greater flexibility to pursue opportunities in the B2B space – ultimately helping our customers accomplish more,” adds Westerbos.

“This intended acquisition of four leading companies represents a major opportunity for the RAJA Group. With the significant increase of our total product offering, it will accelerate the implementation of our strategy to become a global supplier for our customers, from small businesses to large international corporations. This intended transaction will strengthen our leading position and complement our strong organic growth,” states Danièle Kapel-Marcovici, President and Chief Executive Officer of the RAJA Group.

Following the intended transaction, which is expected to close in October 2019, Staples Solutions will continue to create the best workspace solutions for our business customers in 12 countries, including a strong presence in Central and Northern Europe.

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