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World Kids Colouring Day 2019 Reveals Dreams for the Future and Supports Children in Rwanda

This year’s World Kids Colouring Day on May 6, 2019 had the theme “Follow your dream…!”

Thanks to children’s great creative efforts, 21,903 pictures were submitted. On July 31, 2019, the manufacturer of creative tools STAEDTLER presented a cheque for 21,903 Euros to the aid agency Plan International. With this money, learning conditions in nursery schools and schools in Rwanda will be improved. In 2019 it was once more time to draw for a good cause. The Nuremberg-based manufacturer of creative tools STAEDTLER had called on kids around the world to draw and submit pictures of their visions of the future, such as their career aspirations or their dreams. Ulrike Jährling, journalist and host of Deutschlandfunk’s children’s programme “Kakadu”, supported STAEDTLER as an expert this year: “I think it is important that we keep children’s dream worlds open, take them seriously and encourage them, respect their personality and give them space for development.” For each picture, STAEDTLER gives 1 Euro to Plan International. This year, 21,903 € were raised.

Plan International uses the money for the project “Rwanda: Good education for children.” In this way, learning conditions for children in nursery schools and schools in the regions of Bugesra and Nyaruguru will be improved sustainably. Jährling is sure that the support goal has motivated lots of kids to participate: “Today’s children know that many children are worse off than they are. They want to help but they cannot. That is why the World Kids Colouring Day represents such a nice approach: I can draw a picture and can make a contribution with this drawing.”

Kids from a total of nine countries participated in the World Kids Colourig Day: Germany, Iran, Qatar, Denmark, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, France and Belgium. Many children drew their career aspiration for the theme “Follow your dream…!”. But the topic of environmental protection also played a role in submissions. The children want a clean, green planet for a positive future.

To enable children in Rwanda to also dream of a happy future, Plan International provides them with a good education. “It is nice to see that again this year so many children have participated in the competition and have thought about how they see their future and that of the world,” says Maike Röttger, CEO of Plan International Deutschland. “Involving children and young people in shaping their lives is also the principle that Plan International follows in all of its projects throughout the world. We are very happy that we can, together with our partner STAEDTLER, help children in accordance with this idea.“ STAEDTLER is also satisfied. “We are glad to see that children still have such a keen imagination. For years STAEDTLER has promoted this creativity with campaigns such as the World Kids Colouring Day and offers kids around the globe the opportunity to put their dreams on paper and present them to the world,” says Britta Olsen, Head of Brand and Communications of STAEDTLER.

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