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GreenSpirit celebrates its 10th birthday

At a time when recycling, and especially plastic recycling, is a major concern, CEP Office Solutions is already celebrating the 10th anniversary of its range of 100% recycled and recyclable office accessories: GreenSpirit.

In 2008, CEP obtained ISO 14001 certification. This certifies an effective and transparent management of waste. This certification was the result of the desire to implement concrete actions at all levels of the company. One of the path explored was to reuse production scrap material. This is how the GreenSpirit range was born. 

To manufacture plastic products, such as desk accessories for example, it is necessary to dose the plastic material at high temperature in a mould in order to make products.

However, some may be considered non-compliant. In general, this is due to colour changes between two production series. Indeed, when the dye change is carried out, the first parts that come out are bicoloured. During this short transition, the products do not meet our quality standards, so they cannot be sold. These parts are production scraps that are unusable in their current state.

Rather than throwing away these defective products, they are collected for crushing. This new secondary material is reusable and can be used to manufacture other products. GreenSpirit office accessories are manufactured with this post-production material. Thus, 100% of our production scrap material is reused!

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