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Pilot becomes a sponsor of The SeaCleaners

Pilot Pen France has signed a partnership agreement for a minimum of five years with The SeaCleaners, a French association fighting against plastic pollution in  oceans. Pilot says that this decision is in keeping with its CSR approach.

The SeaCleaners was created in 2016 by the sea captain Yvan Bourgnon. His personal mission is to eradicate plastic pollution from the oceans by building a revolutionary vessel, the Manta, which is expected to set sail for the first time in 2023.

This vessel will be both an educational tool for young members of the public and a scientific laboratory used to collect and study the behaviour of waste in the sea—not to mention to serve as a shining example for the circular economy. 

It will be the first vessel designed for the high seas that is capable of collecting and treating a continuous flow of large amounts of plastic macro-waste floating on the ocean surface.


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