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Integra Announce Carbon Balanced Papers

Integra Business Solutions has partnered with Antalis and Forest Carbon in a carbon capture project to help further balance any environmental impact the highly accredited, 100% sustainable Multipurpose Initiative copier papers have on the environment. 

Forest Carbon leads the way in voluntary carbon woodland creation in the UK, certified under the government’s Woodland Carbon Code. Since 2006 Forest Carbon and partners have planted over 8.5 million new trees, and these will remove over 1,900,000 tonnes of CO2 from the global atmosphere.

As part of Integra’s ongoing investment in the brand, it has funded 1,000 new trees and the creation of a woodland area of over 6,500m2, helping to capture the unavoidable remaining CO2 emissions created in the manufacture and transportation of its Initiative Multipurpose paper.

Aidan McDonough, Integra’s CEO, comments “We are delighted to be investing in projects such as this that make a real difference when it comes to protecting the environment and making a valuable contribution to local communities across the UK.  In a recent report published by the Committee on Climate Change, large polluters are being called upon to pay carbon levies to fund 100m trees a year in the UK.  As a brand owner, it is important that we are doing our bit too. We are also looking at the Initiative brand’s existing environmental credentials - working with our brand manufacturers to further improve.”

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