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Newstar Introduces New Safety Screen for Workplace Protection.

NewStar has introduced a new solution for the new way of working, the NS-PLXPROTECT series. Society has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic and new measures are being taken to make working together as safe as possible in this 1.5 / 2 meter society.

The NS-PLXPROTECT products offer users the opportunity to demarcate their workplace / flat screen, create extra security and also achieve more distance from others.

The NS-PLXPROTECT1 (for 1 monitor) and the NS-PLXPROTECT2 (for 2 monitors) do not have to be attached to the desk or ceiling, but can easily be placed directly on a desk support and move with the flat screen and the height adjustable desk. The screens are made of 100% transparent acrylic to ensure a spacious feeling and have rounded corners. In addition, the screens are equipped with 2 mounting points, enabling them to be adjustable in height relative to the monitor (s).    

The screens, unlike alternative solutions, do not take up extra space on the desk. The NS-PLXPROTECT1 is designed for installation on a desk mount and the NS-PLXPROTECT2 for mounting on 2 separate arms, gas-sprung arms, a crossbar and / or a double monitor arm. Fun fact. The screens can also be used as a memo-board, for to-do lists and notes with a whiteboard marker.

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