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Smurfit Kappa Creates U-Protect to Prevent Covid-19 Spread in Schools

In the approach to resume classes in France on May the 11th, Smurfit Kappa, European paper-based packaging manufacturer, is launching U-Protect, a cardboard separator intended for schools from nursery school to high school. Made in France, simple to set up, ecological, economical, cleanable and adaptable to different student offices, U-Protect aims to facilitate the resumption of classes and stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

After two months of confinement, millions of students will return to their schools on May 11. Heads of establishments and local authorities must therefore put in place solutions to ensure the social distancing required is in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

It is to meet this challenge that Smurfit Kappa, is launching U-Protect. Developed after several exchanges with school teachers, this separator makes it possible to limit contact between students, especially for twin seat desks. Very easy to set up, U-Protect is available in two versions adaptable to all types of desks: one for nursery and primary schools, the other for colleges and high schools. Deliverable before May the 11th , the separator is entirely produced in France and is available throughout the metropolitan territory. Thanks to the varnish applied to the cardboard, U-Protect can be cleaned daily with alcohol-based products.

In addition to the health aspect, U-Protect has an area for storing pens & pencils. The front panel is adjustable in height to allow the student to follow the course normally. The left panel has educational information about barrier gestures, the right panel can be personalized by the student. Produced from FSC certified paper, the cardboard separator is very light and fully recyclable.

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