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The Navigator Company reports Q1 sales

The Navigator Company has announced that the unprecedented drop in orders, experienced as from the end of March, forced Navigator to partially and temporarily suspend paper production as from 22 April, for a period initially estimated at around 30 days, affecting between 700 and 2000 tons a day.

The decision to partially suspend paper production was taken in a context of an economic slowdown which led paper manufacturers on every continent in the world to shut down production. Thanks to the excellent health of its order books in March, Navigator says it was able to postpone this decision as far as possible, and the adjustment has led to a better balance between supply and demand, minimising the risk of stocks building up along the supply chain.

During the first quarter of 2020 The Navigator Company recorded turnover of €406 million, with paper sales accounting for around 72% of turnover, energy sales for 10%, and pulp and tissue sales for approximately 9% each.

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