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tesa builds a new plant in Vietnam

The tesa group will build a new plant in Vietnam to strengthen its presence in Asia, significantly increase its capacities and therefore shorten the way to customers and suppliers.

"The aim of our strategy is to continue to grow and to achieve a harmonized balance between the regions of Europe, North America, and Asia. The Asian adhesive tape market is experiencing a very dynamic development that we want to take advantage of," explains Dr. Norman Goldberg, CEO of tesa SE, which is an affiliate of the Beiersdorf Group. "With the fact that tesa makes such a large investment in times of Corona, the shareholders set a strong signal for the future."

"The new plant in Vietnam creates the necessary capacity to ensure our growth targets in the largest and fastest growing region," explains Stefan Schmidt, head of tesa Supply Network, responsible for purchasing, logistics, and production at tesa worldwide. "Time-to-market is especially important to us. Access to markets, fast and flexible delivery to customers and the development of local raw materials are important factors in international competition."

In the first phase, there will be approximately 140 employees working at the plant.

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