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AF International - increased reach with social

Computer and office equipment cleaning experts, AF International, have been active in the social media world for some time, and have demonstrated great success with its Twitter and Facebook activities.  Social media is an area that’s growing fast and one that is now a ‘must do’ activity.  The world of marketing has changed dramatically over the past decade; it has been nothing short of a revolution in terms of business communication, and it’s all down to digital marketing and social media.

Paul Hardy, European Brand Director “There are still businesses that are reluctant to adopt social media into their communication strategy and open up a two-way dialogue in real time. Now most people turn immediately to the web for information, solutions, products and services. Not having digital in place mean’s people are not reaching potential customers.”

AF International produces excellent infographics and statistics from regularly surveying groups of 1000 people to generate interesting and engaging news for their online campaigns.  Facts like: only 45.2% of workers take a lunch break out of the office and away from their desks. The remaining 54.8% of workers frequently eat at work, picking up phones, touching screens and tapping on keyboards. Interesting information, but also a reason people should be cleaning.

Karen Harrison, Marketing Manager “For AF social media has given us a unique opportunity to engage with not only our customers who are B2B, but also the end users.  The challenge is always creating content that is fun, interesting and useful.  AF Twitter followers are B2B organisations, dealer and end users.  On Facebook it’s predominately end-users, 67% of which are female.  It takes time to get to know your audience and grow the community.  As a business we are investing in digital marketing as we see the rapid speed in which this area is growing and the switch in how information is found, and buying decisions made.”