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Reorganisation of German Biella companies

As announced in the half-yearly report of Biella-Neher Holding Ltd. dated 26 August 2014, the reorganisation of the German companies in the Biella Group has now been completed.

Donau-Design GmbH and Falken Office Products GmbH have been merged to form Biella Deutschland GmbH.

In the wake of the restructuring, the name of Biella Deutschland GmbH has also been changed to Biella-Falken GmbH and its registered office transferred from Leopoldshöhe (near Bielefeld) to Peitz (near Cottbus), the location of the production plant.

From now on therefore, all operations in Germany (purchasing, production, logistics and sales & marketing) have been brought together in a single company at a single location.

Simultaneously to this, Biella-Falken GmbH has also been switched over to the corporate IT system of the Biella Group and therefore the last significant step in the integration of the Falken Group, which was acquired in 2012, has been concluded.

The Biella Group has production sites in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the United Kingdom and Romania, as well as logistics centres in Brügg/Biel/Bienne, Wiener Neustadt, Cottbus and Enkhuizen (NL), not to mention its Europe-wide sales and marketing network. The Biella Group as a whole employs approximately 900 people.

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