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United Stationers Expands Office-friendly Solutions In Breakroom Category

In response to the growing breakroom segment, currently representing a $4 billion market in the U.S., United Stationers has expanded its assortment of office-friendly products and brands to its breakroom program.

Breakrooms have become a strategic feature of corporate settings, as employers are increasingly using their breakroom offering to strengthen employee satisfaction and retention. As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, companies are getting creative to find and retain top talent, and they are redefining their company culture and reinventing their breakrooms. These breakrooms encourage employees to interact on company grounds rather than leave the office and are now equipped with a variety of beverages, snacks, utensils and stylish furniture.

United Stationers says that its expanded breakroom program helps resellers tap into this trend - driving success and fueling growth for resellers by providing them with a broader product assortment at competitive prices.

"By offering an ever evolving assortment of office-friendly breakroom products, dealers are able to capture additional revenue from current customers who already purchase traditional office products, yet turn to other outlets for office-friendly snack and coffee assortments," said Jeff Bobroff, director of category management. "The wider selection of offerings not only represents a growth opportunity within the office products industry, but also signifies an important company trend that is emerging across corporate America."

The program has recently expanded its offering of office-friendly packs, boosting the margin opportunity for dealers with higher value and a lower cost per unit.

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