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        Corwell benefits from clear market strategy

                          Laszlo Feher, managing director of Corwell Group, gives an update on the wholesaler’s
                          latest developments and underlines the advantages of remaining a pure wholesaler in the
                          Hungarian market.

        What is the latest news from Corwell?                 markets where  there has been some changes, but at this
        Overall, Corwell will achieve a solid performance in 2019 with    moment not any significant movement. The only exception
        higher turnover and, most importantly, growing profitability.  is Office Depot’s Czech and Slovak businesses joining PBS
        What is the secret to your long-term success? Is this
        due to stable management, or other factors?           What is the latest news from your subsidiaries in the
        Yes,  there  is  no  doubt  that    stable  management  is  very   Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia?
        important. On the other hand, the stability of the entire team   These  are  very  challenging  markets,  and  we  are  not  the
        is a key element to success as well. Talking about success, we   biggest player by far in any of them. However, we are still
        have to mention our clear vision and mission to provide a   a “good option”  to dealers  who are  looking for a  pure
        stable and predictable future to our customers.

        What trends are you seeing in the Hungarian business
        supplies market?
        All of our competitors are multichannel traders  that are
        involved  in everything  from  wholesale  to  contract  sales
        and    retail.  Importantly,  they  are  competing  against  their
        own customers,  which creates  a  confusing  situation  for
        independent dealers. This competition also focuses on price,
        rather than solutions and services. Besides Corwell, I don’t
        see any other local company  that  has  a clear market strategy,
        brand management and strategic vendor partnerships.

        How are you developing to meet market changes?
        We invest a lot in our team, so we are continuously training
        our people. We’re also improving our IT systems and our B2B
        online platform - called Shopwell. And of course, we have to
        be up-to-date with our logistic services and infrastructure.
        Developing our logistics is the biggest project at the moment.

        How are dealers adapting to  changes in the market?
        In one word: well. I wouldn’t say fast enough, but we have
        had  some  positive  experiences.  Our  dealer  community  is    548. UNA TRADIZIONE SENZA TEMPO.
        developing and adapting to new technologies, but it is hard      Ricerca, sviluppo e passione, non parole. Questa è Zenith 548. Perchè
        work. Despite the fact that some dealers are not developing      Zenith da sempre vuol dire eccellenza. Punta in alto, punta allo zenith.
        as quickly as we would hope, it is encouraging that they are                           
        moving in the right direction.

        Is  the  market  still  fragmented  or  is  consolidation
        taking place?
        The answer is yes and also no! We operate in relatively small

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